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doktor agapkin

Zdravstvujte uvazhemyj doktor,u menya uzhe vtoroj den' bolit neznayu chego,znayu tolko to chto pravyj bok s nizhnej storony,so storony pecheni chto eto i chto mne po sovetuete delat ?
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dangerous illness. The doctor knows what to advise and you must do what he or she says or you won't get better. When i don't feel well, my parents always call the pediatrician. he comes and says what to do. I think if you do exercises, eat healthy food like porridge, milk and fruit, you will be healthy without doctors. The doctor will say that you must stay in bed and take some medicine even if you have a headache. I don't like doctors and i have never had a medical check. As for me, i think you should visit a doctor sometimes. If it is an accident (if you've broken your leg, you should dial 999. When you have a headache, you can drink some tea. You should do exercises and eat good food then you won't have to visit doctors very often but you should have a medical check every year. I have ...
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