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COMPLETE THE SENTENCES USING ONE OF THE EXPRESSIONS IN THE FORM(a mistake,my homework,the shopping,up my mind,a mess,a complaint,someone a favour,sure that,the housework,my bed,nothing,my best,money,a speech,business with,a profit,exercises,a noise,a phone call,friends with,a will,the washing-up,progress) 1.Is there a public call box near here?I have to… 2.First she said Yes,then she said No,but in the end she....to marry him. 3.When youre not surewhat to do the best thing is to… 4.Ssh!You mustnt.....The babys asleep. 5.My teacher says I must work harder,but I cant work any harder,Im… 6.We asked to see the manager and we......about the terrible service in the restaurant. 7.At first I found learning English very easy,but now I dont think Im....any....at all! 8.Could you.....please?Could you give me a lift to the airport? 9.My uncle died without....and it was very difficult for our family to sort out his money and possessions. 10.We have some lovely new neighbours;weve already....with them. 11.I like to keep fit,so I....every day. 12.Before you go on holiday you should....that all the doors and windows are shut and locked. 13.....,not war!

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1. make a phone call

2. made up her mind to (в задании написана исходная форма MY mind, но по смыслу подоходит оно, поэтому подкорректировала: сменила на her mind)

3. do nothing

4. make a noise

5. doing my best

6. made a complaint

7. I'm making any progress

8. do me a favour

9. a will

10. made friends

11. do exercises

12. be sure

 13. Честно говоря, тут затрудняюсь. Похоже на слоган, но для него в задани и нет такого слова)) Поэтому предположу, что It's a mistake, not war! либо Make money, not war!

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Немного покорректирую, если вы не против:

9. making a will

12. make sure

13. Make love, not war — известное высказывание


Пожалуйста, Наталья)

Да, я тоже сразу на этот слоган подумала, но в том-то и дело, что ни love, ни to make не числились в списке слов... Пришлось из оставшихся выбирать. Зато лишних и ненужных много. Думаю, просто ошибка в самой формулировке  задания. 



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