I. Fill in the suitable words a) will b) won't c)would d)wouldn't 1. What____ you do if you won lots of money? 2. If you make so much

noise. I___ be able to sleep. 3. If l were you, I___ buy a new bicycle 4. If my train is late, I___ take a taxi 5. I ---finish the work if you don’t help me 6. If he hadn’t cut his finger, it ___not have hurt for weeks… 7. I ____ give you 5 dollars if you do me a favour. II. Fill in a) would b) have c) had 1. If she___ not driven so fast, she not crashed her car 2. I wish I___ washed my clothes yesterday 3. I only wish I____ just a little bit more money 4. If he____ failed his exams, he couldn’t study at the university 5. If I saw a mouse in the kitchen., I____ try to catch it 6. If you ____ a video, you could record it yourself 7. I wish I ____ an elephant. I could travel through the jungle 8.I wish they____ stop making so much noise so that I could concentrate


1. © would
2. (b) won't
3. © would
4. (a) will
5. (b) won't
6. © would
7. (a) will

1. © had
2. © had
3. © had
4. © had
5. (a) would
6. © had
7. © had
8. (a) would
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