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Complete the sentences with and, so, because, then or but.
a) We didn't have any money ___ we couldn't go to a restaurant.
b) He closed all the doors and windows, and ___ he left the house.
c) I was feeling very tired, ___ I went to bed very early.
d) Romina is usually on time, ___ tonight she arrived half an hour late.
e) I couldn't sleep ___ there was a party next door.
f) I phoned all my friends ___ invited them to come to my house.
g) It was very cold outside, ___ I put on my warmest clothes.
h) We couldn't go out ___ the weather was so bad.
i) He looked through the window for a minute or two, ___ went inside.
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a) so
b) then
c) so
d) but
e) because
f) and
g) so
h) because
i) then

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