Используя прочитанные тексты, найдите синонимы к следующим глаголам To improve, to manufacture, to include, to work, to require, to control, to increase, to operate, to obtain, to produce, to advance, to purchase, to buy, to grow, to manage, to need, to involve, to get


To improve — to enhance, to better, to upgrade, to refine
To manufacture — to produce, to make, to fabricate, to build
To include — to incorporate, to involve, to contain, to encompass
To work — to operate, to function, to labor, to toil
To require — to demand, to necessitate, to need, to oblige
To control — to manage, to regulate, to oversee, to direct
To increase — to escalate, to boost, to raise, to augment
To operate — to run, to function, to operate, to manage
To obtain — to acquire, to procure, to secure, to get
To produce — to generate, to create, to manufacture, to yield T
o advance — to progress, to improve, to develop, to evolve
To purchase — to buy, to acquire, to procure, to obtain
To buy — to purchase, to acquire, to procure, to get
To grow — to expand, to increase, to develop, to mature
To manage — to handle, to oversee, to administer, to control
To need — to require, to demand, to necessitate, to want
To involve — to include, to implicate, to engage, to participate
To get — to obtain, to acquire, to receive, to fetch



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