проверьте пожалуйста английский:) Большое спасибо:)


1) Is information really important? (are, is, does, were)
2) He has been learning foreign languages all his life. (has, has been, is, are)
3) Don’t call on my brother tomorrow, he will be reading for his exams. (will be reading, will read, reads, are reading)
4) If I get the tickets, we shall see this performance. (shall see, see, saw, have seen)
5) How many novels has he written? (has he written,he has written, is written, he wrote)
6) By the time she returns from her business trip the experiment will be finished . (finishes, is finished, will have been finished, will be finished)
7) We watched an interesting TV program some days ago. (shall watch, watched, have watched, watch)
8) I hope the next mail will bring news from home. (will bring, brings, will have been brought, will be brought)
9) My brother is working in the garden now. (works, is working, worked, has been working)
10) You promised that you would get tickets for the new play. (will get, would get, got, have got)
11) The steamer is being unloaded still. (unload, is being unloaded, will be unloaded, be unloaded)
12) were all the students from your group invited to the conference last month. (was, have, were, did)
13) She was going to the bank when I met her. (is going was going, goes, will go)
14) He was sure they would return on the 1st of May (will return, would return, returned, have returned)
15) An interesting problem will be discussed at the conference tomorrow. (will discuss, will be discussed, was being discussed, has discussed)
16) When we came home our son was playing on the computer. (was playing, has played, played, is playing)
17) If you don’t get the book, let me know. (hadn’t got, won’t get, wouldn’t get, don’t get)
18) He had finished his work before I returned. (finished, finishes, had finished, has finished)
19) How long had she been waiting for me before I came? (had she been waiting, did she wait, has she waited, she waited)
20) I am sure that they will complete their work on time. (will complete, will be completing, are completed, complete)
21) I’ll speak to him when I meet him. (met, meet, shall meet, meets)
22) There is a lot of people in the park now. (is, were, are, will be)
23) The operator assured us that a new program will be installed the following week. (installed, would be installed, will be installed, installs)
24) The students said they had spent less time on the translation of this text than the previous one (had spent, spent, were spending, spend)
25) They promised that a new car will be delivered the next week. (was delivered, will be delivered, would be delivered, would deliver)
26) The problem has been solved by Russian scientists. (has solved, has been solved, is solving, was solving)
27) The secretary has posted two letters today. (has posted, posts, was posting, posted)
28) Only after all the details had been discussed the contract was signed. (have been discussed, were discussed, had been discussed, discussed)
29) He said that he would find the book by all means. (will find, finds, has found, would find)
30) He usually comes to the institute 10 minutes before ten. (will come, come, comes, is coming)
31) When I shall be free, I’ll come to see you. (am, shall be, be, was)
32)-неуверенWhat new words have you learnt? (did you learn, you learnt, have you learnt, you have learnt)
33) were you watching the news program at 9 o’clock yesterday? (was, did, were, do)
34) She shall receive no letters from him lately. (received, has received, receives, shall receive)
35) Listen! Somebody is knocking at the door. (knocks, was knocking, is knocking, had knocked)
36) He said that he had not met that man before. (did not, is not, had not, has not)
37) He is not playing tennis tomorrow, because he is ill. (is not, are not, will not, was not)
38) A new stadium is being built in our district now. (is building, is built, is being built, builds)
39)When did your brother come back to Moscow? (has, did, do, is)
40) Why is it necessary to study mathematics at school. (is necessary, is it necessary, it was necessary, it is necessary)
41) The letter has been just typed .(has typed, has been typed, is typing, is being typed)
42) The telegram has arrived five minutes ago. (arrives, is arriving, has arrived, arrived)
43) They were discussing this report when I came in. (are discussing, were discussing, have discussed, discussed)
44) When I entered the conference room she was making a report. (makes, was making, has made, made)
45) Why is it important to get there on time? (it is important, is important, is it important, was important)
46) When we got to the theatre the performance had started already. (was started, will start, had started, has started)
47) Tomorrow at this time he will be flying to Paris. (will be flying, would fly, will fly, have been flying)
48) A new school will be built in our district by the time your son goes to school. (will have been built, will be built, will built, is built)
49) She showed me the article which her brother had translated (translated, had translated, translates, has translated)
50) My friend has been looking for a job since last year. (is looking, has been looking, will look, looks)
51) An interesting exhibition will be held in a month. (will be held, holds, has been held)
52) If it stops raining we will go for a walk. (will stop, stops, stopped, will have stopped)
53) Let them learn this rule by heart. (their, them, themselves)
54) If I am free, I’ll go to the party. (shall be, have been, am, was)
55) Why is it necessary to learn foreign languages? (necessary, is necessary, it is necessary, is it necessary)
56) The bridge was built ten years ago. (is being built, built, was built, is built)
57) I thought Kate had translated the letter already. (had translated, is translating, will translate, translated)
58) When you will return from the party give me a call please. (returns, will return, return, returned)
59) I have known him for three years. (was known, have known, know, has known)
60) No news is good news. (is, were, have been, are)
61) They didn’t meet since last holidays. (didn’t meet, haven’t meet, don’t meet, had met)
62) When was this house built? (is, was, will, has)




В 61 точно ошибка, когда since надо ставить haven't meet.Остальное еще не смотрела.


Да, в 61) Нужно ставить — haven't meet.

Остальное верно.

P.S.Не забываёте оценивать ответы экспертов и выбирать лучший ответ.



Да, в 61) Нужно ставить — haven't meet.

Остальное проверила. Верно.

Извиняюсь, хотела отредактировать, а сообщение повторилось...

Все верно. Только в шестьдесят первом ошибка. Правильно haven't meet.

Елена Васильевна

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Natalia Yurievna

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