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Помогите решить тест позжалуйсто

1.     Although the sun was shining, it was still cold, because it _________ hard for two hours

a)    Was been raining

b)    Was raining

c)     Had rained

d)    Is raining


2.     She ______ at the parcel long enough, before she______ that it was for her brother

a)    Had been looking, had understood

b)    Had been looking, understood

c)     Was looking, understood

d)    Was looking, hadunderstood


3.     I ______ to the cinema but my friend persuaded me to stay

a)    Am not going

b)    Was going

c)      Did not go

d)    Had been going


4.     We were good friends, we ____ each other for years

a)    Had known

b)    Had knowing

c)     Were knowing

d)    Know


5.     We were extremely tired at the end of the journey. We ______ for more than 24 hours

a)    Had traveled

b)    Were traveling

c)     Had been traveling

d)    Travel


6.     How long _______ this book? How many pages of this book ______?

a)    Have you been reading, have you been reading

b)    Have you read, have you read

c)     Have you read, you read

d)    Have you been reading, have you read


7.     We always go to Saint Petersburg for our holidays. We ____ there for years

a)    Have been going

b)    Are going

c)     Go

d)    Were going


8.     I have lost my key again. I ____ things. I lose things too often

a)    Always lose

b)    Am always losing

c)     Have always lost

d)    Was always losing


9.     The economic situation is already very bad and it _____ worse

a)    Is getting

b)    Gets

c)     Got

d)    Would be getting


10.                        What time ______ your friend _____ tomorrow?

a)    Will arrive

b)    Is arrived

c)     Will be arriving

d)    Will arriving


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1. was raining

2. was looking, understood

3. was going

4. had known

5. had been traveling

6. вариант d

7. have been going

8. am always losing

9. is getting

10. will arrive


Все правильно, только в п.2 had been looking



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Вопрос задан анонимно
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Вопрос задан анонимно
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