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THE TOWER OF LONDON The Tower of London has been called «The Cradle of the English race». It is the oldest palace, fortress and prison in Europe. The great fortress was created by William the Conqueror nearly 900 years ago. The site was well chosen, the fortress commanded the river approaches to the city and it protected the king and government from the citizens of London. The Tower of London is roughly square in shape with two lines of defensive walls enclosing the tower which for centuries has been known as the White Tower. The outer wall is defended by six towers on the river face and by two semi-circular bastions at the north-east and north-west. Over the centuries the Tower has served many purposes. It has been a citadel, a royal palace, a prison for dangerous offenders against the ...
dual-core-e5700-2x3-ghz-tray подойдёт ли на мать P5AD2, если нет то какой подойдёт?
preparat megaspermin trio xoroshii li preparat?
chto takoe Mega Spermin Trio?Mojne li upotriblyat dlya nedostatochnoi spermi?
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u menya yorkshirskiy teryer devochka 1 godik,segodnya vecherom u neyo nachalas rvota beloy penoy i tak kajdie pol chasa,ona bespokoynaya i vsyo vremya xodit krugom,vhto delat?
Переведите предложения с конструкцией There is/are. — There are two seat for passengers. — There is a rubber coat on the wheels. — There are air conditioners in modern cars. — Are there any modern accessories here?
there...new students in your grop? 3. There are...old houses in our street. 4. Are there...English textbooks on the desks? — Yes, there are…. 5. Are there… maps on the walls? — No, there aren t… .6. Are there… pens on the desk? — Yes, there are…. 8. Are there...sweets in your dag? — Yes, there are…. 9. Have you got...English books at home? — Yes, i have… .10. There are… beautiful pictures in the magazine. Look at them. 11. There is… ink in my pen: I cannot write.
musicians, sportsmen, scientists, writers, explorers and so on. One of the most important people of the mankind was Charles Darwin, who was a great explorer, scientist and a writer. He has travelled around the world carefully studying the origin of people and some animals and then he produced his famous «On the origin of species» book, where he stated that all human creatures originated from some simpler creatures through evolution and natural selection. Another outstanding Englishman, who has changed the course of literature and theater development, was a great writer William Shakespeare. Thanks to him everybody in the world knows the story of «Romeo and Juliet». One of the most influential changes in music world was brought by the famous English rock band «Beetles». Some of the band ...
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1 One million tons of gum is chewed every year. 2 Chewing gum was invented in Sweden. 3 Chewing gum was found in the mouth of a nine thousand-year-old skeleton. 4 The first gum was made of tree sap and sugar 5 Babies are born wanting to chew gum 6 The ancient Greeks believed chewing gum was good for health. 7 South American Indians made the first packets of chewing gum. 8 Chewing gum was taken to North America by the English. P Today on Worldly Wise, the world’s most common habit …. Yes, chewing gum. We chew 100,000 tons of it every year but how many of us actually know what it’s made of? I Excuse me, I see you’re chewing gum … A Yeah. I Do you have any idea what it’s made of? A Nah—no idea. Never thought about it. I Do you have any idea what chewing gum is made of? B … Uhh, no, not a clue ...
someone now 3) the sellers have reduced their prices for some of their goods 4)somebody telephoned me half an hour ago 5) some of our offices have sone business whith that firm 6)somebody else will attend to the contract
Здравствуйте. Обратился в турагентство Popoff-Tour для поездки в Санкт-Петербург с 06.08.15 по 10.08.15. Т.к Popoff-Tour не набрали группу для поездки, то мне предложили аналогичный тур от туристической компании «Рейтинг». Я согласился. Деньги отдавал и заключал договор в Popoff-Tour, а исполнителем была туристическая компания «Рейтинг». Отправление проходило из Новомосковска у гостиницы «Россия» в 14.30 06.08.15. В назначенном месте и времени меня ждала легковая машина (т.к нас из Новомосковска было двое и видимо автобус было гнать не выгодно или просто лень) которая меня доставила в Тулу на вокзал (как и положено по договору). В Туле в 16.00 должно быть отправление. Народ уже собрался, автобус задержался на 30 минут (это не критично: пробки или ещё что-нибудь). Положив сумку в багажное ...
Хочу перенести первый раздел на SSD, второй — на новый HDD. Старый жёсткий диск отключить совсем. Как лучше это сделать? Пробовал клонировать диски с помощью Acronis True Image и аналогичных программ — не получается, зависают на полдня, а потом мастер клонирования вообще прекращает работать. Как быть?
front of a TV set. 2)....and meeting friends at the weekend. 3)Steve has decided to watch football matches on TV rather than… 4)There is one good thing about having a TV at home: it keeps Molly quiet for some time… 5)One morning she said:"....It does not work. Let's go on a picnic instead. I made some sandwiches and have baked your favourite Apple pie." 6)The Parkers have packed their backpacks and… А) when the cartoon is on В) play football by himself C)have left their house D)They have bought a new TV this month E)Something has happened to our new TV set F)her husband has even stopped reading newspapers
Поставьте глагол в скобках в нужную видо-временную форму: 1. She (to begin) her tour 3 months ago. 2. The detective (to investigate) this serious criminal case now. 3. She (to visit) 6 countries. 4. The jury still (to discuss) the verdict. 5. He (to collect) evidence against criminals already. 6. How long you (to investigate) the case?
was an unbearable thing. 2. She did not know. The «No» was stronger than her craving to be in Frisco's arms and forget this dreary existence. 3. At that moment there came a knock at the door. It was a postman. 4. To live on good terms with people one must share their work and interests. 5. Your coming home has made me as foolish as a young girl of nineteen. 6. The rich are always so greedy. 7. The dusting of the room took two hours. 8. They say, we shall have a cold winter. 9. It was he who was dancing for the whole party. 10. They are expected to be back by the end of the month.
What features can be applied to capybaras?1) The capybara is a solitary creature.2) The capybara is a sociable creature.3) Their teeth are big and are always of the same size.4) They are very slow animals.5) They move by hopping mainly.6) The capybara is an omnivorous animal.7) Their favourite environment is water.8) Capybara feet share a common feature with goose feet.9) The capybara is a carnivorous animal.10) The capybara is an herbivorous animal.11) They can be of different colours.
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Здравствуйте! 1 апреля оформлял билет на сайте U-tair с вылетом из Нарьян-Мара в Москву 29 апреля и обратно 9 мая. Оплатить по каким-то техническим причинам не получилось. Есть подтверждение данной операции на электронной почте. Через несколько минут еще раз оформлял этот билет и оплатил его. До оплаты, мною не было замечено, что поменялись местами пункт вылета и место назначения. После оплаты, когда мне пришел билет на электронную почту, я увидел, что место вылета и место назначения поменяны. Я сразу написал в компанию просьбу поменять мне билет, с моей доплатой. В u-tair мне ответили следующее: Благодарим Вас за обращение в Авиакомпанию «ЮТэйр» и сообщаем, чтоубедиться в правильности выбранных Вами параметров перелета Вы могли дооплаты перевозки. В случае если Вас не устраивал выбранный ...
local guide. 2.The booking agent (to speak) over the phone right now. 3.A month ago our company (to advertise) a new tour in mass media. 4.Christopher Columbus (to be) one of the best-known explorers. 5.This resort hotel (to offer) a new animation programme next season? 6.It (to be) hard to book tickets in a week. 7.When Thomas Cook (to set up) the first travel agency? Заранее Спасибо Большое!!!
and daughters and said: “Who ate those sweets?” “I didn’t,” said Mary. “It was one of the girls,” said Dick. “No, it wasn’t,” said Jack, “Dick ate them.” “That’s not true,” said Ann. Father knew that three of his children always spoke the truth and one always lied; so he knew almost at once who had eaten the sweets. Who ate the sweets? A) Mary B) Dick C) Ann D) Jack
people who work for them. The managers are the people who run the organization. Management is the art of getting things done through people. Today that means that managers work with employees rather than just direct them. The new managerial style is more informal and people are more likely to work in teams. Management is attractive to people, because it symbolizes authority, money and prestige. There are various definitions of management as the process used to achieve organizational goals with the help of planning, organizing, directing, controlling people and organizational resources: 1) management means to delegate, empower and allow the decision-making process to go through the organization from top to bottom and bottom to top; 2) management is carrying out of the vision; 3) management ...
for meetings, most ignore emails and three out of four use bad language. In a survey of 1000 workers, two-thirds say that pressure of work is the reason for their bad manners. Other common examples of bad office etiquette include ignoring colleagues and answering mobile phone calls during meetings. Using mobile phones in meetings is impolite and distracts others, research by the University of Surrey shows. If you respond to a call when speaking to somebody, it means than the person, the survey said. If you answer a call during a meeting, it could mean that you think the meetings is not important. Mr Jacobs, managing director of Office Angels, a recruitment firm, says it is easy for people to forget their manners in the working environment, which is often very informal and very busy. ...
sports ground near your school? How many floors has your school got? Are there class-rooms for the primary forms in your school? Where are these class-rooms located? Is there a cloak-room on the ground floor? Your school has a library, hasn’t it? Why do you go to the library? What will you see if you look around the library hall? Why do the pupils like to go to the gymnasium? Where are the class-rooms for secondary forms located? Has your school got computer rooms? Which floor is your class-room located on? Why do you learn English? What do you do during your English classes?
representative of a large Las Vegas casino saw the act and invited them to perform in Las Vegas. They became so popular that a casino was actually built around their act and their own specially designed theatre was built. They had a cast and crew of over 250 and did over 5,000 performances. 1) Increasing success 2) Developing interests 3) An unusual combination 4) A final comeback
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Например, какбудет правильно: напишите правильные ответы (прим. 1 a, 2 b и т. д.) 1.a)There is a lake. b) There is a big lake c) There is a big lake in Norland 2 a) There are trees. b) There are tall trees c) There are tall trees in Norland. 3 a) There is a king. b) There is a king Bruno c) There is a king of Nonland. 4 a) There are two children b) There are two children here 5 a) There is a queen b) There is a queen Marisa. c) There is a queen of Norland 6 a) There is a Balan town b) There is Balan — town of Norland c) There is a town Balan
Lady because her mother was a Duchess. Once the Duchess had a party. And the teddy bears decided to have a party, too. They invited all the bears that lived in town. They cooked a tasty meal, made a chocolate cake and set the table in the forest. Many bears came with apples, apricots and honey. After the lunch many bears went to dance. They danced and sang. It was beautiful. One little bear didn't go to dance. He washed the dishes. Suddenly he saw a very big bear. It was a real bear. The real bear asked, «Have you got food here?» «No», said the little teddy bear. «Excuse me. It is my birthday and I want to have a birthday cake. Have you got a cake?» «No, we haven't. But we had a chocolate cake.» «I am so sorry», said the real bear sadly and went away. Next day the teddy bears went to the ...
birthday party. 4. He wishes her good luck. 5. The mother asked her son, to come in time. 1. Did my brother give me a present? 2. Was the man selling cherries? 3. Have they their mother's birthday party? 4. Does he wish her good luck? 5. Did the mother ask her son, to come in time?
Помогите пожалуйста перевести!!!! Огромное спасибо! When the order is original placed, there was a pending authorization hold placed on your card. The charges are the actual charges of the items that have shipped out. Since the whole order has just shipped out, we submitted a request for the original hold to be dropped off. The pending authorization hold in the amount of 6,345.25 RUB will be dropped off of your card within 1-5 business days.
factorsarenegative. © 7 factors are positive and 6 factors are negative. (d) there is an odd number of positive factors (in the product), (е) at least two factors are negative. Which answer is correct and why?
types,Russia, now, are? 4) lessons, are, in, primary, How many, school, a, there, day? 5) do, Russia, When, start, secondary, children, school, in? 6) take, do, pupils, When, examinations? 7) What, the, to, higher, admission, school, like, is? 8) What, higher, establishments, are, in, educational, Russia?
(1-6)/ there is one extra sentence which you do not need to use. Tree of the Year The aim of national Tree of the year competition is to promote and celebrate the most interesting trees around the country. Images and descriptions of a shortlist of 28 trees are put online and the public are asked to vote for their favourite. The four trees that gain the most votes before 5 p.m. on the 5th October will be given a grant of £1,000. In addition, all trees that receive 1,000 or more votes will get a grant of £500. The grants may be sent on a tree health check or advice from the tree expert, or an educational event, for example. 1________ Among the 28 shortlisted trees there are a wide range of tree species, each with its own unique, fascinating story. For example, the ‘Ding Dong’ tree is a ...
When a person commits a crime, society, acting through the police and prosecutors, attempts to identify, arrest, prosecute, prove and punish him. Criminal law commonly proscribes that there are several categories of offences: offences against the person, against property, public-order crimes and business, or corporate, crimes. Some crimes, however, are found more frequently in the business than elsewhere. Business firms are frequently the victims of crimes, such as robbery, burglary, shoplifting, employee pilferage, passing bad checks, vandalism, receiving stolen property, and embezzlement. Because such criminals are generally well-educated, respected members of the community, the offenses are called white-collar crimes. Normally no physical violence is involved in crimes of this nature. ...
When a person commits a crime, society, acting through the police and prosecutors, attempts to identify, arrest, prosecute, prove and punish him. Criminal law commonly proscribes that there are several categories of offences: offences against the person, against property, public-order crimes and business, or corporate, crimes. Some crimes, however, are found more frequently in the business than elsewhere. Business firms are frequently the victims of crimes, such as robbery, burglary, shoplifting, employee pilferage, passing bad checks, vandalism, receiving stolen property, and embezzlement. Because such criminals are generally well-educated, respected members of the community, the offenses are called white-collar crimes. Normally no physical violence is involved in crimes of this nature. ...
TOEFL ibt не принимается при подаче на визу tier 4 general. И в то же время нашла информацию о том, что его могут принять в том случае, если университет принимает балл TOEFL и вуз сам может оценить уровень языка. Хотелось бы получить разъяснения относительно данного вопроса.
In each group (A, B, C) ONE word is missing in the three sentences. Fill in the gaps with ONE word. Use low case letters. For example: 1. I have ______ a mistake. 2. I am glad you _______ it. 3. It was hard but we _______ a significant profit. Answer: made A. What word is missing? 1. I can always see my tutor for ________ and support. 2. I took my teacher’s ________ and applied to Oxford University. 3. She always acts on her mother’s ____________. B. What word is missing? 1. He can’t help us. He’s out of the _______. 2. Try to _______ what life will be like in 100 years. 3. She always looks ___________- perfect. C. What word is missing? 1. Your stories are at _______s. 2. He used to do _______ jobs for a living. 3. I always revise for my exams. I never take exams on a/an ______ chance.
left, -------? 25. You used to live here, ---------? 26. You can hardly speak English, --------? 27. You’d better smoke less, ---------? 28. You’d prefer to stay in, -----? 29.I’m late for the lesson, ---------? 30. The police aren’t coming, ------? 31. You aren’t cold, -------? 32. I’m right, -----? 33. He went to college, --------? 34. We were late again, ------? 35. It won’t be easy, ------? 36. Her friends are French, ---------? 37. My boss wasn’t angry, ------? 38. You were early yesterday, -------? 39. There’s a football match tonight, -----? 40. She used to live in the country, --------? 41. Mother’s very tired, --------? 42. They’re on holidays, --------? 43. I’m early tonight, ---------? 44. You’ll give me a call, ------? 45. We were all ill last week, -------? 46. You’ve finished ...
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(to have delivered) the furniture to their new house. They (not, make) many friends yet, but they (expect) that they soon will. The neighbours (be) very kind so far, and Mr Williams (invite) some of them to a housewarming he (hold) next week. His friends from Brighton and Worthing (come) to the party. The Golightlys (live) in Crawley.not far away. before they (come) to Henfield. Barbara especially (not, like) living so near to Gatwick airport. While Benjamin (visit) some friends in Brighton last year, he (meet) a company director who (offer) him a job. Barbara (not want) to live in Brighton itself, as whenever they (visit) the seaside resort the tourists were so numerous and so they (decide) to enjoy living in the country
children were isolated from the ______ family 2 the boy`s _______ parents decided to adopt him and raise him as their own son. 3 john was brought up in a(n) _________ household. his mum raised him all by herself 4 his uncle and aunt became little Danny`s ______ parents when he lost his own parents in an accident 5 even though he`s not his _________ father, his stepfather treats him like his own son 6 Marion had a(n) _________ upbringing and wasn`t allowed to go to parties or stay out late
a day? A much b many c a lot 4) I drink ____ coffe. A much b a lot c a lot of 5)A how mach salt do you eat? B ______. A a little b a few c much 6) A Is there any sugar? B No,sorry,_______ a cheaper that b more cheap than c cheaper than
drop=True).rename('genre')) MER, [13.02.21 10:10] df_hr_genre = df_high_revenues.join(df_high_revenues.genres.str.strip('|').str.split('|', expand=True).stack().reset_index(level=1, drop=True).rename('genre')) MER, [13.02.21 10:11] df_hr_cast = df_high_revenues.join(df_high_revenues.cast.str.strip('|').str.split('|', expand=True).stack().reset_index(level=1, drop=True).rename('cast_name')) MER, [13.02.21 10:11] df_hr_directors = df_high_revenues.join(df_high_revenues.director.str.strip('|').str.split('|', expand=True).stack().reset_index(level=1, drop=True).rename('director_name'))
store? А. Walk down this street, take the first street on your left. The bank is on your left opposite the cafe. В. Just, a few minutes on foot. С. Yes, there's one on Koltsovskaya street. D. It's on the second floor next to the toy store. E. Take the excalator to the second floor. Turn right and go along the corridor. It's on your right between Helen's Furs and Light Feet stores.
1. Some of the earliest retailers were food sellers. 2. Most modern retailers make a few strategic level decisions. 3. Retail markets and shops have a recent history. 4. The retail mix includes three elements. 5. Window shopping is an example of online shopping.
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b) Say if the statements are true or false. 1 Amelia has received Lilly's letter already. 2 She wrote that she had gone back to school on Monday. 3 Amelia wrote that she had got into trouble the day before because she had been late for school. 4 Her class teacher was very pleased with her. 5 Amelia likes her school uniform very much.
_______? 4. There are table manners in every country, _________________________________? 5. Each country has its own behaviour rules, _________________________________? 6. Britain is no exception, _________________________________? 7. In Britain you’ll have to keep a distance talking to a person, _______________________? 8. Americans have more national holidays than British people, ______________________? 9. In some states Americans don’t mark religious holidays widely, ____________________? 10. Thanksgiving Day is associated with a thanksgiving dinner for Indians, ______________? 11. A holiday of Thanksgiving was introduced about 400 years ago, __________________? 12. In 1620 100 people came from England to live in America, _______________________? 13. Father’s Day was started in the 20th ...
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