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Английский язык - помощь в выполнении заданий, контрольных работ, выполнение переводов (англ. -рус. и рус. - англ. ), освоение необходимого уровня знаний, дистанционное обучение. Буду рада быть полезной каждому! Жду Ваших писем с вопросами! : )
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a) Put the following sentences into the negative form.1. I don’t like wet days. 2. My brother doesn’t live in the town centre. 

b) Put the following sentences into the question form.

1.Do you know my cousin?

2. Does your friend like snowboarding?

c) Change the sentences to She…

1. She speaks perfect Spanish. 
2. She flies home once a year. 
3. She has lunch at home. 
4. She catches the early train to work.

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2) If I had ever listened 
3) I could have gone 
4) I wouldn’t have had to 
5) If I had had something to do 
6) If my friends hadn’t wanted
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1. b
2. c
3. b
4. a 
5. b
6. a
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Не забудьте, пожалуйста, оценить помощь эксперта, оказанную Вам. Заранее благодарю. :)

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1.They are going to ask the questions, aren't they? 
2.You will spend your holidays in the country, won't you? 
3. Your father can speak English very well, can't he? 
4. Your friend never swims in winter, does he? 
5.You are a pupil, aren't you? 
6.Your monther didn`t go to the shop yesterday, did she?
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Здравствуйте, Алексей! 

I guess there is no bad weather in our life. I like all seasons of the year and try to find out something special and wonderful in each of them. The weather changes with the changing of the seasons. In autumn the sky is often cloudy, the sun hides behind the clouds and then appears again. The sun is not so bright as it was in summer, but it is still nice. Days get shorter and nights longer. As autumn is rainy season, the weather is mostly dull, but it often fits my mood.
My favourite season is winter. I like frosty air and clear cloudless sky. Large snowflakes slowly fall to the ground, the streets are slippery with a thick sheet of ice. So beautiful! I adore to throw snowballs and making a snow man.  
At the end of winter the snow begins to melt and spring comes. The sun grows warmer and the rivers are in flood. Nature awakens from its long winter sleep.Trees and fields look magic covered with green carpet.
Then summer comes. I don't like heat so much but I can find possibility to find shade and cool water feel the freshness. In my opinion every season is beautiful.

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Кристина, здравствуйте. :)


Скажите, Вам нужно небольшое сочинение-рассуждение вот на «озвученную» Вами тему? 

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They were so good friends that they have never quarrelled. 

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Здравствуйте, Валерия! :)

Отметьте, пожалуйста, наиболее понравившийся Вам ответ звёздочкой. 

Им. падеж: девять тысяч восемь-сот двадцать пять
Род. падеж: девяти тысяч восьми-сот двадцати пяти
Дат. падеж: девяти тысячам восьми-стам двадцати пяти
Вин. падеж: девять тысяч восемь-сот двадцать пять
Тв. падеж: девятью тысячами восемью-стами двадцатью пятью
Пр. падеж: о девяти тысячах восьми-стах двадцати пяти

p.s. Чёрточка в слове «восемьсот» тут лишь для тщательности приведения примера и ясности. Слова же на самом деле пишутся слитно.


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A. Where are you going now? To the library again?

B. No, I'm not coming back to the library. I've done my reading for today.

A. O'k, good. What do you think of going to a cafe and eating anything there?

B. It's an excellent idea. I'm dying for a snack. 

A. So, I have some spare time for this. Let's go.

B. Yes, let's go to our cafeteria and take Roger with us.

A. I am not against Roger. But as far as I remember he was reading a book at the moment I saw him today.

B. Oh, is he still reading that 'book on biology? He has been reading it for over three hours.

A… He must be a very successful in his studying!

B. Yes, he is a model student.

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1. How old was the girl a young man was engaged to?
2. What did he say to her the day before her birthday?
3. What was the purpose of his when he called the shop-man?
4. The shop-man thanked the young man for his order and promised to do everything he could, didn't he?
5. What was his assistant's name?
6. Was Mr. Hill a very good customer of that flower shop or not?
7. What did the shop-man decide to do additionaly?
8. Why was Mr. Hill angry finally?
9. What do you think if the shop-man's deed was noble?
10. Would it be possible to restrain his anger for Mr. Hill?

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