Complete the sentences using the verbs below: decided, didn't enjoy, didn't go, had, liked, spent, studied, wanted, was, went - вопрос №4735808

Ameet was always interested in business — he always (1)_______ lots of brilliant ideas for making money and his ambition (2)_______ to be a millionaire by the age of twenty-five! Lucy was a film addict — she sometimes (3)_______ to the cinema four or five times a week. She (4)_______ to become a famous film actress like her heroine, Halle Berry. Edward was always very quiet, and he (5)_______ out very much — he (6)________ most of his time at home in his bedroom, playing games on his computer. Kate (7)_______ for at least three hours every evening — when she was eighteen years old, she (8)_______ to become an ecologist and help save the planet. Hannah (9)_______ school at all — for some reason, the only subject she (10)______ was geography!
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1. had
2. was
3. went
4. wanted
5. didn't go
6. spent
7. studied
8. decided
9. didn't enjoy
10. liked
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Елена Васильевна

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