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1. What do people use the Internet for?

2. The Internet is is popular only with young people, isn`t it? Why do you think so?

3. What are the drawbacks (disadvantages) of using the Internet?

4.  How does the Internet help students in their studies?

5. Why do people have to be selective with the information from the Internet?

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1. Basically, Internet is the most useful worldwide net. Anyway, different people use the Internet in different ways. For example, somebody wants to find out some information or friends, for communication and news. Businessmen prefer using it for business promrtion.

2. No, I don`t really think so. Internet can cooperate people of any age, I suppose. But according to statistics, old people use it for sending e-mails, but younger people prefer downloading music and games, looking for new job information and sharing files from computer.

3. First of all, there`s a lot of wrong information there. Some people get addicted to the Internet and can`t communicate with people. It`s a problem too. And it`s easy to waste time there playing games and surfing the sites.

4. I think that students can find out everything for their education projects easily there. And we can get classes online using new technologies too.

5. In my opinion, people have to be selective with the net`s information because Internet is overloaded with it and there`s no quality control in there the students find and use.


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