ЗАДАНИЕ № 35 Расположите части... - вопрос №974966


Расположите части делового письма в правильном порядке:




 Mrs J.H. Harris
Rockford Arms Hotel
Rockford, CO 33322




 September 15, 2005




 Enjoy Travel, Inc
Fifth Avenue
Greenburg, VT 11111




 Attention: World Travel Reservations




 Please reserve one seat on your Around-the-World tour leaving Greenburg on March 30, returning My 30. I am enclosing a down payment of $500.00 (five hundred dollars) bypersonal check.




 Yours truly,




 Mrs J.H. Harris



Choose the correct variant.

1. He … the interview and he`s happy.

a) passed b) has passed c) had passed d) was passing

2. Mr Harrison said that he… again.
a)  would call b) will have called c) called d) will call

3. I… a letter yesterday at 5 o`clock.

a) was writing b) has written c) had written d) have written

4.I… the letter when he came.

a) has written b) had written c)was writing d) wrote

5. He … for you tomorrow at 10 in his office.

a) will wait b) will have been waiting c) will be waiting



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